Battles I Must Fight Alone

Limp in my limbs,

I torn once again,

in life’s cove swim,

I’ve a soul to hem.

Evident is my pain

so I revel my brain

consumes I remain

a shade of the sane.

Truth is I’m at odds,

pleasure is my God.

All else to me fraud;

I find hard applaud.

Come close I do fall

to pieces I’m mauled.

For peace you called

but you’re appalled.

Admire me not you

have choice choose

reasons to let loose;

I fashion not a noose.

Give me ammunition,

supply what wishing

I do for my position,

as I launch a mission.

See me start to slip so

a kindness you grow.

Then pieces you sew

you a pattern known.

I have heard advice,

your wish it is so nice,

but I bear a great vice.

Alone this I must fight.

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