Heaven And Hell

What is this specter

that envelops on me?

An angel from above;

some kind of biology?

I know I don’t know

all so I’d be pleasantly

pleased if there were

both at play for sanity.

There’s not always a

part of me so pleased.

I know physical things

that do put me at ease.

Skin caressing mine,

a rapture of euphoria

explodes in my mind.

A drug in me for you.

It enters my blood it

warms me to my soul.

In such a state I pray

for an angelic control.

What I will decide I

am not quite so sure.

My mind and my soul

at work give me cure.

There are times when

a body’s not there I see

a part buried so deep

in my spirit’s a remedy.

Days they can be both

a heaven and or a hell.

Wherever it may be I

hope it makes me well.

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