Lessons In The Movie “Glory” We’ve Forgotten

I thought I might do something a little new that deviates from my normal writing habits. I thought I might offer a personal review of a movie I hold dear in my heart.

On February 16, 1990 a movie was released in theaters nation-wide called, “Glory.” I am sure many of you know of this movie. Then again, maybe not. Yet the film conveys a message that inside today’s rancor of hate serves as a reminder of how and why we must eliminate the sin of prejudice.

The movie includes Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and many other actors who were at their finest during the shooting of this film. Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for best supporting actor in the following ceremonies that would transpire after the movies release; and deservingly so.

The acting throughout is quite remarkable. Washington is the antithesis of evoking true pain that coincides with a great pride of being strong though everyone else, in accordance with the racism at the time, already has made a judgment towards someone. All based on the color of their skin.

The movie is a stunning shock to the system when you see the bloody division that existed in the United States during the Civil War. Battle scenes are intense but I find it was even more of a draw based on the dialogue alone. This conceptualism of what exactly was going on in America during the time is laid out in a palpable, raw and polarizing fashion.

It needs to shock you. Especially during the days we are currently experiencing prejudice that still resides in our culture. People need to be reminded about the struggle for millions under the yoke of slavery; America’s original sin.

Watching it today reminds me of how inept our society is to not learn from past mistakes. It almost at times feels like we are moving backwards in time rather than forward to conquer the war of our inner hate that causes so much strife in life.

It is 2019 people. Yet still the permeating distaste of our intolerance and lack of understanding stains our very souls that day after day falls in a steady decline. Leadership, true leadership, should not demand devotion to the leader but rather to those who bleed and sweat together as a team for us to survive. Life is an endeavor fraught in darkness that one can not survive on their own.

Our natures, as human beings, seek for self-fufillment. To be a solider, knowing you could die in an instant on the battlefield, but still fighting the fight, is a form of purpose and meaning in life that many citizens do not have the capacity to muster.

Not many would fight a battle, more over give up their life, so that generations whom would follow after, could experience a life better than the ones they had at the time. Yet the battles the 54th Regiment of the Union faced in the film are exactly that. A nation should be proud of theirs and other soldiers sacrifice. To diminish another person based on their skin color is like spitting in the faces of thousands of dead soldiers who lay at rest after giving their lives for ALL to be free.

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