To Touch My Design

There’s a level,

it I can not take.

Dive into wrecks

I do and break.

Sadness and I

are acquainted.

Its visions I fill a

canvas painted.

Hurt, exhausted

I see what I lost

and I’ve failed;

I do feel the cost.

I want to leave

this hateful place.

I want to find it,

a remedies face.

I will not ever

bend, give way,

or accept what

death does say.

It beckons me

and at times I’m

at wit’s end beg

I the other side.

Yet here I stay,

crudity dissipate

please I see you

as I look straight.

My closet found,

skeletons pile up.

I rip my soul of

a corroded rust.

Alone I was so

very distraught.

Now my demons

fade for I fought.

The sun rises I

see what I paint

red when I dead

consumed a day.

Here now I did

find a blue you

friend forgave

me despite you.

I know comfort

had elsewhere

you left to touch

me if I despair.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Elle Rebel says:

    Dark, deep, well-written, and real

    Liked by 1 person

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