Under Repair

Construct we must

at times us superior,

while choices capably

chosen show inferior.

Grandiose fashion kin

but unconfident within;

see me seek deep now

of what in me is a sin.

It the all seeing sky it

peeks around cloud I

in my solace take time

to see choices of mine.

Imperfectly manifest

I an ego and begin to

show off my scars I

must to shed the blue.

I am so weak I seek

for staring eyes look

now at the devil’s cry

and my grasp he took.

The world taints color

in my soul few hands

give places of comfort

in blood-soaked lands.

So I’ll dress this world

in garments for a day.

Yet abuse malevolent

sheds with hurt away.

What am I to do if not

seek something better

than what I see in me

let loose as if a feather.

Flaws I place on paper

floating above in air

I adorn with my hope I

repair all tears there.

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