Stolen Eyes

As I was wandering

along my same old

road my eye saw

your casual stroll.

Exchange a word

can I with you Miss?

While I try figure

how it came to this.

Cast aside caution

I throw now breaks

along this path it

must be a mistake.

Up and down I’ve

sworn oath, solitude;

it consummated full

years inside a mood.

Playing in my head,

over and over again,

memories I had for

more than a friend.

Gone and over I let

time freeze me cold.

Frames on repeat in

a head I sadly mold.

I see you’ve stolen

eyes I once admired.

That gave rest for

me my is soul tired.

Excuse me my dear

as I approach in fear.

Even though it years

ago the wound sears.

You shouldn’t give

me moments to think.

For frozen in time I’m

still now on the brink.

Madness is put at bay,

earth seems to revolve

as my mind it’s relaxed,

my solitude is solved.

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