As The Earth Cries

Untended to

ivy it’s grew

you to a new

point of view.

Has the heat

struck you it

is fierce feel

it as you sit.

Just forget it,

you’ll ignore

the earth cry

behind doors.

Came we on

a place used

for freedom

we do abuse.

Free we pen

in hand grow

what in dark

we fail show.

Keep inside I

my blunt logic.

I speak it now;

I want solve it.

I sit on grass I

feel wind turn

to see embers

on grass burn.

I will step back

to stitch my lip.

But I do resent

fallacies so bent.

Learn truthes to

see heat it grow.

It a destroyer in

time will erode.

Sit back to see

where to return

after sun melts,

after all is burnt.

Let it sink in my

comfort friend

long ago it went;

to be idle a sin.

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