Inside Your Shadow

I wanted to see

inside your mind.

I saw you and my

eternity I did find.

Gears in motion,

the ones not seen,

in rust turn for my

mind is not clean.

Springs and pins

are not so smooth.

While I fight move,

a memory soothes.

Every heavy load

my eyes they close.

In your wake eyes

open up as a rose.

Futile I walk fields,

to seek new vision.

Yet what shackles is

freed in your prison.

Break free I do to

look back at myself

sometimes so I can

write to fill shelves.

What is left of who

I once was one time

are there in a row I

wrote in sane mind.

As you leave facing

the sun cast shadows

you do so unaware

you are of my battle.

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    1. Thank you very much!!

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      1. No problem 👍 I loved it 🖤

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