I’ll change again

later on in the day.

When the sun it

rests its head away.

Before I was the

better part of me.

Ashamed I am of

what is not seen.

Really I must ask

of myself for tales

of what I do to so

I might sleep well.

Chrysalis captures

warmth filled drug

I smoke as I choke

on fumes me I hug.

Tightly wound I

in the night ease a

notion running so

fast it needs tamed.

So I wrap my arms,

grab both shoulders,

tell myself I am sane;

smoke I do smolder.

Released euphoric I

cry as the day goes

to the next I inhale

what in earth grows.

If you saw me in a

state I do prescribe

myself at night you

from me will hide.

I always give in its

grip brings comfort.

Drowning out lies

in my skin it’s under.

The day in bright

light demands see

fundamental cause;

reasons for release.

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