You conjure to exercise

your illuminating ways.

What you said was clear

but hindsight is in a haze.


You’re excited to please

eyes that look at you;

but any that do pursue

you alter and confuse.


Moving on some stage,

where you spin a trance,

do you remember what

we shared in a romance?


My vision is now astute.

Off of rocky shore I steer.

My compass now correct

but direction is not clear.


You my great adventure

were such a joy to learn.

Burn you were a beacon

too bright me I burned.


I’ve watched others try

do what I did to no avail.

You know I know better

than you know yourself.


I have separated fictions

that I know aren’t true

because I really still am

after years a shade blue.


Guilty I am that I made

above my God an idol.

I lost myself as you ran

your life at full throttle.


My veins ran pulsing in

arteries bringing me life.

You were both my first

crush and my first strife.


I connect the dots now,

the shimmer light drew.

I know how you did it;

find me now you do too.


You educated me fully,

such banks full of peril.

I remember everything

from Cupid’s first arrow.


Here still I have no spite;

no bitterness I possess.

I find to find slumber it

my love to you I confess.


I’m versions of what was.

Dear I still hear your voice.

My death it’ll be out at sea

due to my youth’s choice.

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  1. sevenburnedlillies says:

    I just experienced this….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll say this, whatever your experience may have been I find it funny how much we as a society experience we can relate with others who have been through the same sort of things. I find somewhat of a comfort in this fact. Thank you for reading and sharing. 😁


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