The Afflicted

I am alive still,

the ground it’s

called for me I

fight it, I resist.

Wiser I am not,

I’ve just played

the game learn

I from mistakes.

I know where I

am weak I pry

myself away in

my stoic guise.

See me you do,

I come to life in

the night I want

to fly the wind.

Hard I become

a scary sight see

now me I don’t

even feel breeze.

I want to soar I

want to be alive.

I want silent my

talons for to fly.

Inanimate exist

I do on a plane

where I want my

God me rename.

I am made of

what breaks in

a reality please

it remind again.

Constant flame

of a life’s tricks

trip me again I

feel life afflicts.

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