Your Jealous Reaper

In your heart I see it’s grand; from it sound heals all man. *** Rip it heaven, open as is hell. My dear you’re an earthly spell. *** Death wants it, tune to tarnish, in your heart it wants harness. *** A reaper looms over shoulders while life lived you are bolder. *** Crave you…

Consuming Crypt

Cradle me broken with an air despair awaits me as I look into mirror’s glare. *** Aloft a thought it flows up to a hell; shattered glass cut my feet they swell. *** I punch glass break it is upon the floor; onward I do endure what I can’t ignore. *** I’ll not be so…

A Brute Below

Devour we hours a step steeply inside. Only you and I find the same to subside. I have known you before I knew you. Always my soul it vacant had a room. I cry in rain invade me take away pain in my cognitive eyes with them you stay. What have I known of myself…

Serving The Serpent

Spawned in the dawn a servant for to supply purpose so certain but under the tree did lie. Damned upon the land one look will give away what we are in a heart no mask hides its sway. Prey does the serpent in an act of no remorse for those it dines from; need it…

Art In The Dark

Upon scorched earth, embattled poison lips slip slippery innuendo an unforgiving abyss. Broken dreams spell an empty hope it gone. Out of my mouth quick I try right when wrong. Fallen my pride reach into my chest to feel what you do see in me in darkness concealed. I do like our exchanges, we find…

From The Brink Of Extinct

A dulcet euphoria I play inside my head it raptures through marrow a body fed. *** Hollow now bones I as if a bird extinct hide my colors for a fear has fed instinct. *** I am happy I am me but alone feel scared for what you think of me I’m not prepared. ***…

This Passing Life

Things that make me
happiest I conceive of
are longing embraces
with an innocent love. I’ve been strangled I,
my suffocating crime,
I have tried resuscitate in an err in my mind.

Dwell Does The Smoke

My heart it pumps, inside this situation. I felt the ire it did find my destination. *** Within my essence, my reason for being, an eye opens looks at my past fleeting. *** I know it was there, fire I smelled smoke, intensity around go does heart it’s broke. *** I wait until the night…

The Ocean’s Forever There

See the blue of sky
merge with blue sea.
Such sight it will be
there long after me.

Should I go prosper,
in a hell of life’s spell,
even then will there
be a beauty to dwell.

My Fear Of Me

My method madness, I turn to burning sun that penetrates a skin mine I wear for some. *** I want to be a sight in eyes that scan through a pleasing gaze to see that what does amuse. *** A version of me change I do so you can approve of my interjection into your…

Silenced Chaos

I hear you, gentle your words to me, they endure. *** I’m haunted, forward I trek. All my senses you do affect. *** Take I breath, impulse over, logic finds me, my eyes older. *** Take my hand, my eyes affixed to a future I see it pass so quick. *** I see you now…

Alone I Cry

Alone I call, alone I’ll fall down upon snow so tall. *** I hear tender sinews sewn. Pain a haven; I’m not alone. *** Amongst us, on the hills, let us hold a trust to heal. *** Feed we prey, no one weak, to feed a hurt we do speak. *** Hurt a soul God…