Dwell Does The Smoke

My heart it pumps,

inside this situation.

I felt the ire it did

find my destination.


Within my essence,

my reason for being,

an eye opens looks

at my past fleeting.


I know it was there,

fire I smelled smoke,

intensity around go

does heart it’s broke.


I wait until the night

has touched it limbs

extending in shadow

where I find my sin.


So gentle I hear now

you’ve your reasons.

I am left in darkness;

cold’s now my season.


Dead we are here in

a cold place some do

pretend all is so well

then bid logic adieu.


I’m not that blind I’ve

felt creep under doors

the smoke of toxic life,

from what we ignored.


The candle is out now,

I knew it I could smell

the flame snuffed out

so its smoke in dwells.

(Stock Image/Animation by Jared Winchester/Content by Jared Winchester)

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