Art In The Dark

Upon scorched earth,

embattled poison lips

slip slippery innuendo

an unforgiving abyss.

Broken dreams spell

an empty hope it gone.

Out of my mouth quick

I try right when wrong.

Fallen my pride reach

into my chest to feel

what you do see in me

in darkness concealed.

I do like our exchanges,

we find a certain levity.

It does calm our nerves;

you be you I will be me.

The world rips skin red

blood it rushes up now.

My heart circulates in

veins a hurt it I shroud.

My power my strength

are in silent voids dark

where I alone cipher it;

a life before it does part.

The dark I know so well

it is a faction we belong

to earth so insignificant

we live brief then gone.

How you see past it do

teach me an illuminating

love you knew how to

after dark had us hating.

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