The Lion Hearted

I know you,

you nurture

fierce anger,

so I mature.

What I see,

what you do,

offers a light;

in me it grew.

From a field

of fire born

we do grow

as life scorns.

The truth it

reigns in ear

as lies heard

seem so dear.

We’ve lived in

a cruel world.

Embrace fight;

we go to war.

Adapt you’ve

done so well.

Fierce peace

your face tells.

A lion’s heart

adorn now for

pain in life it

calls for more.

I see you now

amidst a pack

of wolves but

you’re intact.

Fight for rest,

serene places,

devour as lion

a fear’s traces.

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  1. ‘Fierce peace” is a most fascinating line! I really pondered that one since I’d never heard it before 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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