Altered States

My intoxicating fluid

you hearken for now?

An elixir forgot I’ll try

resurrect your crown.

Inside your belly I do

awake feelings fought

you have abandoned;

I fill it with a thought.

Try refine your palate,

taste buds I try please,

with a sophistication I

make you feel a queen.

Your envoy I will join,

as if I a circling jester,

with eloquent tropes

to stave what festers.

I potent bring a sleep,

I fill all your dreams

a grandeur in a night

morning sun redeems.

Sink deep in thought

but be aware there is

a world of deception it

delves in you to quiz.

I’ve no knowledge of

what has you broken.

You cry to alter a state

so pain isn’t in motion.

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