To Please The Machine

At times I’m machine,

without emotion dry,

dwell in thought I seek

my mind bringing life.

Fixed is line of a sight,

for me my mind’s eyes.

Calculating to feed my

hungry heart’s delight.

I need a bodies touch,

for my senses inside.

I need expel rationale

that once had me hide.

Passion a chemical I

want passion express

a heart underneath of

me beat chest to chest.

To be God for a night

I warmth do so choose;

for cold melancholy I

a heart’s passion move.

Feelings from angels

rise inside warm grips.

Intense a sweat I want

for my searching lips.

I’m not inanimate as

if a heartless machine.

To really be alive now,

I seek passion’s sting.

My heart it bleeds I am

dead without a warmth.

I need a queen for me to

supply kisses to adorn.

Fear of me loosing an

innocence leaves me.

I’m not naive of what

the machine in needs.

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  1. Harley Unhinged says:


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    1. 😊 Thank you my friend.

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