Tragic Magic

You move in speed,

spit fire for to prove

to a mother crying,

ways you do choose.

A pretty face it used,

you practiced magic.

Enchant the weak to

tickle fancy is tragic.

I’ve a pain a damage,

penetrating so sharp.

I’ve a wound a knife

past barriers in heart.

For the blood spilled,

dripping upon floors,

cover hallways inside

a mind I can’t ignore.

A blade your weapon

strikes the innocent.

Your hollow hole no

affection will I send.

Play the music of the

fallen angel’s treason.

His fire you consume

for your dark reason.

So strong you believe

your spell will forever

make a man a minion;

you’re in heart I sever.

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  1. Harley Unhinged says:


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    1. Thank you my dear. 🤘


      1. Harley Unhinged says:

        You are most welcome! It literally left me speechless!

        Also, I need more movie recommendations from you because you’re 2 for 2 on great suggestions 😊

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        1. You are cool people Harley. It means a lot that you like it. I’ve tried to suggest movies that can compete with some of what you like. I’ll dig into my movie library and see what I can find. Have a good night and thanks again!!


          1. Harley Unhinged says:

            You’re cool people too! Btw, I don’t *only* like horror, I am just in the holiday spirit. I like anything 😊

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  2. Many of One says:

    Though, sadness & torment is no laughing joke. Not every individual has the same amount of hope and love to give. Break free while you can still live….let the fresh air in &….remember to BREATHE.

    There is always, to which is, our own worth inside. Love is always mean to be wild untamed & unbridled. It’s the lies that bind the farce to be fed. The unwillingness to be counted as dead…..then let it bleed red, upon your pages that lay ahead…instead of bouncing around in your head.

    Painfully awoken shouldn’t go unspoken

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