Top 3 On Repeat

Sometimes I like taking a break from writing. Pouring ink on a page releases stress. So I write often. A lot of you know this fact. I post a lot. Essentially because there is a lot of pain in my past I have to live with everyday.

Call it silly if you will but music to me is a magical thing. It is inspiring to hear a beautiful voice and a wonderful beat. I am a hardcore oldies fan but really I like all music except for country music. Such a thing might surprise my fellow Tennesseans who have country music embedded in their veins.

I enjoy a gorgeous voice of a woman who really sinks deep in me. I like different kinds of music that a lot of people have objections to. Yet I really try to not let those people sway my enjoyment of such songs.

Here are a few songs I’ve been listening to lately. I understand it is not suited for everyone. So please forgive me. I just try to be as honest as I can be with myself. Past addictions and hurt have molded me into the weird rhyming individual you see before you.

It brings me so much joy and warmth to see you guys like the things I post. I know it is not technically poetry to just rhyme some words. In truth I see what I write as more like lyrics that help me bring forth words and feeling that once were in the abyss of my soul.

These women and their songs bring me comfort. If you want to know me, well, there’s plenty in this blog to give you somewhat of an impression as to how I feel in this upside down world we currently live in. My friends, thank you for all your eyes examining my words scratched down from the depths of me.

Have a wonderful night.

“Love You Better” by Feki

“Lost” by Jai Wolf

“1216” by Echos