Ashes For Another

None have power,

comfort right now.

As bramble in me

I now burn down.

I destruct a vessel,

I a heart removed;

now my cold bites

voices who soothe.

Rapture is but dirt,

I wipe away a love

that I once kindled

gentle as if a dove.

No words can save

or lead out of cave

the want of touch

taming all of pain.

Those with breath,

whom try to uplift

all an agony in me

I try see as if a gift.

My friends tell me

I’ll continue alive

to learn love again

so from deep I try.

Will my ashes they

see another queen

past an ugly aspect

in mirrors I’ve seen?

I will fortify towers,

set watch at a gate

so my heart won’t

again be set ablaze.