A Heart’s Answers

My journey began

upon silver spoons

where rod and staff

tamed my moods.

I must now look to

address me inside

where who I am it

deep in me resides.

The rebel in bucks

calls for conformity.

A grown child I am

whom heavy bleeds.

I see it bombarded

with voices scream

inside my head for

whom I’d rather be.

Escape I do seek a

shelter of warmth

that steers my ship

on a proper course.

I’ve seen direction

my heart wanted to

take me to live so I

let my heart move.

I was taught better

to let my head lead

me over a heart see

I see a heart I need.

Burning in the past

that taught so well

I let go so I grow a

new story I to tell.

Within deep a mind

frolics as if dancer.

I must rather have

heart seek answers.