My Trip Downtown

I took a trip downtown today. I had to get the type of license which would allow me to get on an airplane. I haven’t been on a plane in years but if I had to now I can. I was downtown in this building.

It is known as the Old Courthouse. It is indeed a courthouse for civil and bankruptcy matters, foreclosures, etc. Yet on the bottom floor is where the DMV’s Clerks office is and on this clear day I decided to take a few shots of the downtown area.

This is at the corner of the Old Courthouse and the main road through the downtown area. I used to work in the glass building seen here. The brick building is where the Federal Marshal’s Office is as well as all Federal Courts inside the city limits. The town where I live is not too large and at the same time not too small.

Here is another shot of the main street downtown. Here you can see the very old Tennessee Theater. Which is where my prom was in High School. Down this road is also where the main cinema is located; as well as some very good restaurants. Christmas time is approaching so the street lights have been decorated appropriately.

Just to the left of the last picture is this guy. The whole story behind him is not clear to me. Yet I’ve always kind of been drawn to it. It sits in front of SunTrust Bank. When I worked for First Horizon Bank, in the tall glass building, we had adopted a policy to retreat here if there was some horrible peril to befall our building.

As I continued my walk towards the bus station I got a good shot of the street, yes. But I rather tried to capture an image of a building to the far right in the picture. The one with that round ball on top of it. It is the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. The Universities women’s basketball program is huge here.

I may get some shots of the University some time in a future post. Yet for now on this cold day I got just a few shots to share. I wanted to get inside because it is like I said, kind of chilly day.

So this is where I live. It is a very conservative town politically and it is my fervent hope that one day I can depart to a more liberal city. Yet for now this is what I’ve known for over 30 years. But at least now I have what will allow me to hop on a plane out of this place if I want to. 🤣

(Yes, I personally took these photos)