A Pain To Suffer

What is this

rubble here?

Ask me see I

shed no tear.


Hide I’ll not

a heart’s rage.

I do it so to

remain sane.


I’m mortal I

feel pierce a

spear of fear,

red eye pain.


It is a whip a

lash to a face

that a heat it

my eyes trace.


I tried hide

my torment

so in deep a

pain is sent.


Better I use

words mine

to free pain

inside alive.


I’ll not run a

facade to rip

truth asunder;

I in truth sit.


The rubble is

my own ash.

Here I ready

take in a lash.


Red run deep

this strike ink

will save me

at life’s brink.


Addicted to a

vapor a sulfur;

when mad no

pain I suffer.