Hunger Of The Heart

The time came the other day; for your touch hunger prayed. Empty bones were shred up as I took inside an empty cup. Logic left me I sought a relief in memories of you I try keep. Yet desolate I have you not. Love returned I have forgot. A black void I called it home….

Beyond A Cold Breeze

A soul takes me, to edges of seas. At times breeze chilled I receive. Colors do leave leaves in a tree; reborn are green unto the spring. A cold approach, make tears most. Fallen is a hope in cold’s growth. This ship I’m on, warmth my song, fathoms beyond heals my wrongs. My ears need…

Taught By Scars

Wounds dismay, I spy you I find duplicit is your eloquent guise. I impart vision, attention a keen sight sees virtue in you I’ve seen. I have seen all a method it made as you glide on life’s sad stage. I understand I see you need it for those who sit in a cruel abyss….

Top 3 On Repeat

I listen to music when I write. These are a few songs I’ve been listening to lately. I enjoy the beat and I dream one day of being able to write lyrics that people can feel and relate to. Or just simply something to dance to. Until that I happens I sit here pounding my…

Brutal I Cry

Let me be me for a moment. I bare try find an atonement. Deep my eyes dwell in caves after this life’s wretched way. I know me I’m traveling time. Me sometimes I’ll fall behind. I can be hurt at times I live for others now I nothing give. I tell myself I, in soft…

Inside To Edify

You’re a drug for reason use I do for it now my mind abuse. You want it all hid dead away. Yet with me a kiss still stays. I see as before, you’re kind soft, though peril a hope it is aloft. It tossed about finds grooves I fit pieces of us inside to edify….

Prayers For Repair

Black and white there is none sun reveals in a gray my truth’s spun. Pouring some of what’s debated in corners of a mind chill does a wind. It is not just one way or another I discover things I complex derive. I devise as if I’m a joke the world I address with an…