Part Of The Dark

I behold a dawn

I now see bleed.

The night before

in it I did weep.

A sorrow came

twisted by dark.

I learned of it I

was in it a part.

Dark resonates,

suits me well.

A solvent spun

it in sun’s spell.

In a night blind,

my soul twisted,

confused night

and what it isn’t.

I know a flower

is fed by the sun.

Caustic vices are

inside dark spun.

Anguish called I

fashioned a rope.

But rising sun it

brought me hope.

It injected sight,

a ray of sunlight.

I let it in so that

a dark it’d fight.

Yet I am aware

the sun for me I

know one day it

will cease survive.

A device my love

seeks a new day.

After a night did

let the devil play.

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