Up On The Horizon

If alive take me
my angel a love
my soul dreams
it of holy touch.

I go places I see
full of the dead.
The headstones
above necks fed.

Walking tall I’ll
bend fall down.
Fall does a halo,
hurt is crowned.

I sense I numb
extremities with
fluid fermented
crashing my lip.

This life is black,
has no direction,
in the dark seek
I gentle affection.

A world lost but
a priest he says
trust in a Lord I
can though dead.

Swallow sunrise
my dear spirit it
on the horizon I
feel a warm grip.

No man of cloth
nor vibrant eyes
can steal a pain
as does a sunrise.


Thank you for reading guys! I am thankful for you all during this holiday season. My hope is that you all are touched by the warmth of friends, family and loved ones. My hope is that another day brings healing and reflection.

I found a new song I wanted to share tonight. It is by Luna Shadow. Again, many thanks and Merry Christmas!