Birthday In Nashville (Small Slice Of Nashville)

Me looking out my hotel window overlooking Nashville’s War Monument Plaza.

For my birthday I got a very big surprise. You see, though I may live in East Tennessee, my family is from Nashville, the state’s capital.

Last look at Knoxville as we depart for Nashville. Where the Universities basketball team plays, can be seen here off to the right.
The approach toward downtown Nashville.

Nashville seemingly grows every week. Especially with it being a mecca for country music added with an NFL team, the Tennessee Titans, Nashville is growing faster every day.

Drive by of Nissan Stadium. Home of the Titans.

This trip, though, was a trip to see the Broadway play Hamilton. It was fabulous.

We stayed at a hotel known as The Hermitage. An absolutely remarkable and historic location in downtown Nashville.

Hermitage Hotel at night in downtown Nashville.
As I walked through the entrance I climbed the stairs to see this lobby.

Extravagant in the extreme, I reached my room.

Spacious and comfy are words I would use to describe the room. Then I saw this.

An actual television with live TV can be watched while a person shaves, puts on makeup or whatever one might do in a bathroom. My view from the room speaks for itself.

What you see here is Nashville’s War Memorial Park. It is humbling to witness such a grand site for those who lost themselves in battles for the freedom of which we all love.

It was amazing to be so close to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. I ventured out while I had some time before the show and got some great shots of the Memorial Park.

It was a nice walk amongst words carved into stone for all time. Carved sadly are the names of those who lost their lives in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War. Thousands of young men and women died so that I may exercise freedoms afforded me by our great Democracy.

Above all else the trip was a success. We saw the Broadway musical Hamilton.

At the end of the night I returned to my room to rest.

I got a little notion to wander about downtown to see what was close to us and around the hotel.

It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my little walk. The main street with all the bars and most of excitement was a little too far for me to traverse. But just the feel of the city was warm and budding with historical significance. I’ll have to delve further into the details of some of the monuments at the memorial. After experiencing them up close it certainly demands such attention.

We ate at the hotel’s restaurant, which was a little pricey, but all being said was quite good. The restaurant was on the bottom floor of the hotel.

We left in good spirits. With the exception of me raiding the room’s fridge of chocolate and soda, which may turn out to be an expensive raid, we packed and headed for the door.

All being said my favorite picture is this final one I leave you with. I wish I could share all the photos but I don’t wanna drag on and on. I just want to make the point that Nashville is awesome. This is just a small section of Nashville. The business district is far removed from other parts of the city. Yet my experience I thought I’d share and encourage you to see a wonderful show if you get a chance. Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day.