Incantations In A Crypt

Am I juvenile no,

just a bled heart

that has been so

damned by dark.

I know of ache it

rises up a throat.

Blinds blind sun,

choke my abode.

The bed makes it

a coffin where is

the moon love it;

in I do reminisce.

I play the day my

head is a jail cell;

I venture to you

so to depart hell.

Yet sometimes in

a night all clouds

hide the moon so

I try seek you out.

Where the night I

find myself place

my pen to page so

it won’t be erased.

In the dark light

I see so bright you

in an incantation

pulled from moon.

Return me a crypt,

I feed with a fear,

awaits sentiments I

hold close so dear.