Symbiotic Control

Idle romance

and idle talk

they strut not

in no idle walk.

I’ve prepared

a storm serve

a glass wine it

soothes nerve.

Something in

wreaks within

a naughty sin

creeps again.

Glassy eyes

mine conive

slave a mind

hurt to find.

My enamel it

rubs so coarse

again I gaze at

sky for course.

From the eyes

round round go

into symbiotic

lack of control.

– I’ve drifted off lately. Into some chasm trying to remedy the past. Time moves forward. I get older. I know nothing of a normal purpose so many people feel.

I’ve just been stuck in many things that are irking me. I shouldn’t complain or make excuses. I just need to keep my eyes forward and be focused on what I need to do. The simplest thing I can do is treat myself better and find order in my chaos.

Yet I leave you with this. Search your heart. Feel the heat of romance and raw emotion. Emotions that eclipse the rationale that may be presented before you in life and do not quake in the disorder. Do not be afraid.

I thank you all.

“Monsters” – Ruelle