Cold Abuse

Come on now I

recede from tide

that pushes pulls

to cleanse a pride.

I will not move I

can feel the splash

of ocean water an

open war too rash.

Rock on hit that a

place that pierces

that which is me I

can be the fiercest.

I delve hell spells

a pale open grail

I steal eternal well

of tales I try tell.

Go to war I will I’ll

go unto the jungle.

Where sacred our

relics begin tumble.

Scattered round I

make conceptual

conversation filled

of an intellectual.

I talk to myself rise

I beg of all my pride

that is in inside try

I do to just survive.

Plainly plain dress

does the circus try

I to balance pins of

cold stab my eyes.

So just be wonder,

so just be stubborn

get what you want;

I’ll pour the bourbon.

Doesn’t mean me I

have any regret to

play the music tune

you forgot it abuse.