Bends In The Flame

Abstain turbulent

pubescent tirades

that strike well a

fit but not a face.

I feel the air shift

in hypnotic wails.

Strike me wind it

inside sails assails.

Which way turn I

feel dashing swoon.

Yet inside empty I

stand in this room.

The sheets blue I’ve

but a short space

where here I long I

soon night embrace.

I’ve known the night,

cold the world stain

does my hand inch I

forward try abstain.

Yet my battle fails in

a whimper till I turn

where once sight it

never gave in return.

Those whimsically I

fancy along the way,

hear my breath as it

ends for me today.

Want none want not

have I ever whispered

to those I do pretend

for in me I whimper.

In my room as fancy

I turn to love’s desire

I stop turn and see I

different now a fire.

Where it touches it

licks to tickle a skin.

I your rebel remark

for a sin yet again.

The cold it commits

treachery in places

that changes us all

behind our faces.

But hurt remiss is

abundant in a view,

the one I love most,

everyday is so new.

Lost in crevasses to

the curve of a nose.

A mouth bends in

laughter then glows.