Leaves In The Past

No, I’m not ever

saying goodbye I

feel the cold steel,

reality I will deny.

I’ve thought you

more than once

upon my trails I

a traveling dunce.

I know the fields

where wheat sew

do men of power

to refuse to grow.

Bountiful crop a

stream it brings

when logic talks

a beautiful thing.

I refuse die, end

call all of my kin

please tell them a

broken heart is in.

I’m a battled bud

and spring near

so I sew things I

grew up appear.

I touch cold lost

is my sanity brash

fleeting I leaving

gives back a lash.

I will give you to

the leaves to fall

upon ground to

burn after hauled.

But not this day I

set anger aside for

sight I see clearer

what soul absorbs.

I’ll take memory

of all of wrongs

you committed I

won’t bring along.

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