Digging Deeper

Can it be undone,

it is not what from

my scarred hands

have learned done?

The wind howls it

does what it will.

I see my window I

feel cold in it still.

See through spine,

of mine I do climb.

I will leave behind

cuts of blood dry.

The exoskeleton of

some things forgot

the swift leap heart

in passion brought.

My intention is for

more hands explore

the surface sanity it

shared taught more.

Let us sin in sheets,

bare of any decency.

Cut hands mine try

trace a pain, remedy.

For the tear in my

eye I thank it soul

of mine I release

control, it explodes.

Encompass expanse

of your mind unto

a place to go before

a day it is through.

Expanses the mind

has created a divine

method madness so

I face what’s behind.

So I’ll raise my head,

though torn entrails,

I seep into moods so

past hurt I can excel.