Mystery Blogger Award

Alyazya from and I have known each other on here for over two years. She is as loquacious as she is honest about the feelings she shares in her work. She’s my friend and she has mentioned me in a post where she has asked of me several questions.

I have thought long and hard about these questions. Also, her tagging me didn’t ping me on here. I just so happened upon it while checking my stats and reading her blog. Sorry for the delay Alyazya. It didn’t reach me. So I want to answer her questions as honestly as I can because she deserves nothing less than that after the years I’ve known of her on here.

1) My favorite thing about having a blog is that I get to share my thoughts with a very constructive group of artists whom I respect. When they like something I write it is better than any therapy or drug.

2) It is phenomenally satisfying and serves a very therapeutic purpose for me by having this blog.

3) Honestly I never have really asked for advice nor has anyone offered me any. I certainly hope if someone felt I needed to know something I would hope they would let me know. I have thick skin and being an amateur writer I am more than open to hear whatever I need to hear to be better.

4) Regaining some semblance of clarity from just letting my mind free to everyone is an achievement. Usually I keep fairly to myself. Everyone on WordPress is amazing due to this very fact. Cast upon a sea of disdain and misinformation online can possess, making a little mark online where people can truly know how I feel in my soul is cool.

Aside from achievements, which doing this blog is more of a personal therapy thing more than something I’m proud of, becoming an Uncle is my proudest moment.

All you guys are cool in my book. Alyazya, my friend, you have been there since the beginning and being such a talented writer your likes mean a lot. You are a very deep thinker and your pains I pray find rest and all your troubles cast away. For you have reached me from on the other side of the globe and I value your opinion and am honored you would include me on your site my dear.

Many Thanks,


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  1. Congratulations Jared!

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    1. Thank you. I’m grateful for you.

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  2. theusedlife says:

    Congratulations! Well-deserved 🙂

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  3. Congratulations and be safe


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