I totally understand and received this message early on in life of how much women, especially the ones in my life, how superior they are.

Farewell Hell

I am bled, I’m instead cloud red in a sunset. Snippets a petal I stay hear as say does a day. Upon skull upon dull sanity is full of the lulls. Goes a nail, where I fell in my hell, I cast a spell. An eye sky red it cries where I lie tattered bye….

Poorly Drawn

My escape fled has all a strength. For you dear I’d go to any length. Tears they burn out me but a blue. For an ocean you are in me remove. I detach morph it is my consequence when the warmth in me commence. Shall what I paint turn to mortal pled my mortal senses…


I like to hurt muscles sweat in sheets baby I never forget. My paradise was your eyes. Your kiss led away my spite. You told me I could rule mist that surrounded trees reminisce. My life began way before you and I think I pry a little a groove. Think I maybe just a little…