See Me

I need implement

the tracks a course

where when dry is

is a drowning force.

Cast upon future I

see clearly what do.

To hell with all me,

my core I keep true.

My core is laughter,

innocent gentle tune

it plays upon violins

and an angels sinews.

Tell me your rancor,

let me take it up now.

Playing in the sky is

life so free and about.

For fortune will folly

be a sea of doubt out

of my anguish floats

acidic but try it allow.

For deep dead I read

God’s Word he said

come take of a bread

and a soul will be fed.

So ramparts a youth

go make hate skewed

to translate me now

from a point of view.

I’ll be seeing ferocity,

kind innocence plead

in my soul my blood

I love more so see me.

3 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks stranger! Lol. 🤣😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Stella says:

        I’m not around much suga. But you one of my favorites always. I haven’t seen much of you either though.:(

        Liked by 1 person

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