Off in the distance,

where I can conceive

beyond the brambles I

try maintain an ease.

For where I am is dry

to the gut of a divide

that haunts my mind

in perception of time.

My judgement is off,

so I judge taunt scoff,

at the pedestal it aloft,

received at not a cost.

Why have I exalted I

question my sanity I

sit in a dark, no light,

as the conflict I fight?

So far off I remove it,

all of sins you convict

of mine I’m fine I sit;

a rain does not afflict.

Burn do the brambles

beyond feet do trample

all of the bad examples;

the madness is ample.

Maybe I should cry

tears to put out all lies

transpired in my eyes;

I will make a disguise.

So I reach into a plane

that helps me stay sane.

But memory from a

bottle me tends to stain.

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  1. kyleoyier says:

    Great post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for saying that!


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