All my limbs

I try pretend

I not claw in

under a skin.

I am not what

I intended be.

I carry grudge

along with me.

Now I try to

be a little slick

when this life

of mine whips.

I feel a cat of

nine tails it rip.

From out and

in I’ve conflict.

Hidden agenda?

I never suppress

truth for me I’ll

always confess.

Serve up balm

to call for calm

in this rationed

pill in my palm.

Off to the void,

places to avoid.

A calm but toyed

heart destroyed.

I wake up sweat

oozes my pores

where essence I

feel it turn torn.

I wake to see a

reflection laugh

I do the room it

fills noxious gas.

But I am steady,

I wait I’m ready.

Break may levee,

the worst at me.

I fall but stand,

come see a land

I can command

to still be a man.

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