Aspect Of Heart


I draw conclusions

above is confusion

of an all seeing eye;

tricks of an illusion.

Held down rough is

the feel of your skin.

Pierced just to bleed,

confusion has set in.

Your flames I expel

from my nose smell

I do fumes of hell,

a sulfur I know well.

Rapture does lucifer,

while he amongst her,

I am an old wounded

but principled soldier.

Draw conclusion love,

from the Lord above,

I talk to him in an ink

my dear you know of.

Pound on the drums,

forever I’ll be numb,

afraid what’ll become

of me I am lonesome.

Stir the kettle of late

night hours call hate

of which I try it debate

in my brain a mistake.

Toss me to wolves I’ll

be here for some while

with you magic I cry

and feel as if a child.

I do it to be pacify try

I do I will so comply

do synapses in a mind

of this heart of mine.

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