Side Effects

Cryptic but clear

insinuations appear

in haze but clear;

all the worst fear.

I am a paradox in

my old bitter end

I’ll break not bend,

see dark as friend.

Left open wound

from past construe

I think shades blue

and lick to soothe.

Basic I am believe

I will always seethe,

to labor to breathe,

such I do concede.

Misunderstood I’m

capsized sometimes.

Time’s clock winds,

hurt’s intertwined.

I’m at a loss in awe,

the ramparts so tall,

you’ll reach to fall,

I’m not worth it all.

I burn everyday the

ilk poisonous seed

sinks lungs I breathe;

brings me to knees.

My head is down,

air sustains sound

of silence surround,

fool I am crowned.

Drawing lines skin

of mine now is thin.

Look now at again

pencil it seeps in.

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