Savored Behavior

I feel to heal

this my shield

I’ll relent yield

not you killed.

Broken savior

my bad behavior

adds to a flavor

I come to savor.

Acidic trip lips

eyes like tulips

I truly do miss

our sweet kiss.

A posion venom

on now is done

in red lips strip a

broke kingdom.

Figure you’d be

far away from me

across azure seas

and desert trees.

In a field of sand

an island oasis

you planted trust

in me the basics.

Now I bleed out

a gash in my side.

Kill you did girl

you can not hide.

What’s with this,

this particular is

a case of slickness;

missiled eye hit.

See me see you I

love this disguise;

let’s jump into us,

me paralyze.

I thought I’d share a little song I dug up. Whether it is your flavor or not I hope you enjoy the evening and weekend 🤟

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  1. Love this so much!

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