Random Shit At Midnight Vol. 2

I was a smoker for many years. From 18 to 38 I smoked Camel Blue 99’s. Boy, they hit the spot. After a meal of ribeye steak and mash potatoes and gravy…man, a cig hit the spot. Now don’t run away. Nicotine. That’s what I want to address at heart. I suffer from severe anxiety….

A Grip Colder

I’ll not be spiteful,no superman now.Those years goneI dig deeper down.***At the crux a soulan asp bit me there.I no longer a child,distastes I’m aware.***The cold scratchesup seasoned spine.I’ve felt age touchand hands of time.***I find me in shadowthat reflects aspect.It partakes curioustone I must respect.***I’m in a void timeit beckons me tire.In the creases…