That inside me

I tend to hide it.

My desire to try

and define a fit.

Slip into pants I

see suited well.

Tell of truth you

tried withheld.

I am screaming

multiple euphoric

dulcet tunes I’ve

seen this I wore it.

Upon Christians

back no whip hits.

But I guess they’ll

judge for kicks.

The Lord sees not

but all you’ll not

know of now or

ever in hell hot.

Strip me naked I

like a dance stage.

A prophet’s kiss it

lead Christ to grave.

Associate to me

then deny three

times Peter’s heart

Christ all did see.

I am no prophet

I am just myself.

I sin just as thee I’ll

fit you on a shelf.

Love you guys. Rock on and be safe in this time anger in the States. But remember to stand strong for what you believe. But never be a part of behavior that would disrespect the memories of those we stand for.

A little throwback song tonight. Rock on ladies and gentlemen. 🤟

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  1. Epic, and who doesn’t love rage?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its a part of us mixed in with everything else.


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