Grow I did in
a home meek.
God above he
had my belief.

I danced softly,
I prayed clear;
I asked forgive I
did so in tears.

For my sins I’ve
laid them there.
At God’s feet I
am not scared.

For if my faith
it turns out true
I’ll be not in rot
but in skies blue.

Some think silly,
see me insanely.
Pain’s a story for
many so plainly.

I’ve seen horror
so wretched so
stung I my God
don’t want know.

Innocent blood
cries as if Abel.
I look to the sky
as if God a fable.

I judge not but
I think it wrong
that there need be
sorrowful song.

The truth is I am
but flesh to bone.
What of my distaste
will God condone?

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