Ma’am It’s All A Blur


It was clear until
I took my last pill
that what put still
was to the top fill.

It i’ll go ahead take.
Why I do medicate?
To be wise to awake
in all that is so fake.

I love lying though.
Secrets they grow
when told in lit low
places love knows.

I grew up crying
and secrets lying
in dark underlying
ultimate designing.

I didn’t want real
all that I could feel.
Suffered I appealled
to a God I kneeled.

All answer was but
a storm born crutch.
I have broken bones,
appendages and such.

Lightning rod top
my head I feel drop
rain on my head stop;
see what you do not.

I’m a crux paradigm
by ultimate design
I was born a crime;
so exercise my mind.

I’ll be in order sir,
ma’am it’s all a blur.
I am fine my mind
though can’t concur.


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      1. You’re welcome!

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