I saw a cloud
am I allowed
to trip awhile,
real disavow?

A drop or two
a peace soothe;
see me a fool
I dosed move.

I need to relax I
sense need back
so I might react,
stop tragic acts.

I am not a hero
I’m caustic torn
from the seems
since I was born.

Spin blood rush
it does to a head
so reality shoot I
can down dead.

The black it stirs,
the color I trip it
all over ground
dirt I quick kick.

Please take this
place a dove real
upon altars love
so I might reveal.

Push I want to I
smoke in I cough.
Later my head I
feel untie a knot.

Onto the never-
never land place.
I feel the steel I
feel the real pace.

Of my blood a
rush gives way.
Let’s skip along
trip while play.

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