Via My Mind

Shore up this wisp
of smoke it cries it
licks this side of my
face I feel it so crisp.

It has leveled me to
the ground I’m weak.
I hear the sounds of
doves you do speak.

Burn down happy a
thought I’ve found
I will so heavy ashen
wonder surrounds.

I take passion throw
to our God of fire
I pray to sway fates
we get our desires.

The smoke is calm
the fold of white me
I am fond of all the
forms we do dream.

To the corner I go,
I take my wishes go
tell of what you saw
in pumes of smoke.

Let the pumes rise
ever to the up above.
The chaos cornered
in the bonds a love.

What will this sight
I’ve let form from not
but the image smoke
shall I let be forgot?

Pictures painted saw
a thing it put me awe
in great supply an eye
captures a mind draws.

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