Candid Corners

The lazy Saturday,
here now it comes.
The revelry drums
are alive in tandem.

Nothing more than
a beat in my head it
permeates through
and in essence sits.

I am moved but I
am not moving so
I’ll throw back this
fermented fluid go.

Tell this edict all of
it to the judges sky
opens upon my slip
into creepy red eyes.

I let the smoke take
away all and numb.
For bed I rest I covet
all night’s kingdom.

My face is fixed so I
learn and am learned
that the bullshit at the
end is there to burn.

Emminate for me to
nod in disapproval.
I see you wince and I
seek rancor removal.

The calm the candid,
I seek thee on my stool.
Where in corners I beg
a new birth renewal.

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