Tenderly Believing


Resuscitate me love,
into memories dive.
As if a creature of a
great sea let us dive.

Complete and innocent,
the nature of our trek,
finds me diving deeper
and pressure it affects.

I’m exploding inward,
while outward I’m fine.
I want to drink lust of
yours as if some wine.

How soft have motives
led you to such place?
I’ll be the rock you can
tenderly place your face.

Onto paths I’ve walked
here now I float away.
The body of my words
chastened quickly fade.

I’ll invite an ember of
flame to warm the wax
I feel burn quickly on
my spine and my back.

Coursing upwards into
my mind my morbid brain
are euphoric tidal waves
they morph, make sane.

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