My Torture My Darkness

A burden upon
me this dark I lay
as a dragon awoke
to try regret slay.

The past has me
it will not recede
so I fight its grip
that crushes me.

Regret punctures
as if knives all day.
Stabbing my heels,
tortured as prey.

Billows of cloth
caught by a wind
tell me of a storm
within me begins.

Tell my maker I
will give my mind
tales to soothe for
damned is design.


Photo/Pinterest/Content/Jared Winchester

I know my poetry isn’t for everyone. I’m just being honest. What I write some people do not like or can not relate to. I realize this fact. I know I put a lot of posts on WordPress and I appreciate everyone of you who read.

For those who may not like what I write I’m posting a song. Not just for some but also because I love introducing you guys with music you may never have heard about. Music I like. Music that is beautiful and enchanting helps motivate me.

Until next time, which most likely will be tomorrow, I bid you a warm goodnight. Knowing me I’ll post probably every day through the weekend. But you see, I am admiting my addiction and that is the first step towards recovery.

All of you please be safe and stay healthy. I promise I’ll practice more digital well-being and put this damn thing down every once and awhile.

Many Thanks,


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  1. Lia says:

    I love your poetry!! And “I am admitting my addiction and that is the first step towards recovery.” yes! I agree. I try to do the same. Our addictions, I feel we all have them, and that we can only upgrade. It’s painful at times, I feel a lot of shame. But do, please, keep on, poeting. Cause poetry’s now my mainline addiction, and I love to read. 😊🎉🙌💖🌷

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    1. Wow, that response is well thought out and yes, I do believe everyone is addicted to something in one form or another too. Whether its tacos, cigarettes or you could even be addicted to another person. We are fallible beings. Inherently seeking our heart’s and mind’s desires to enjoy things that help cover up the dismay in life. I believe everyone can agree life is not easy. Thank you Lia again for the comment. I’m very thankful for it.

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      1. Lia says:

        Thank you! though I didn’t think it through, unless you count the past few years lol. ;)) Yes, you’ve said it perfectly. That’s what I meant. Love it. You’re welcome Jared! See you around… maybe next poem. :))

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        1. 🤣 Yes let’s do. Our little chat is the most stimulating exchange I’ve had in awhile. And like I said in the post, there’s a good chance I’ll post again🤣 So please feel free to comment whether it is good or bad if you want to. Advice and constructive criticism is what I need. You’re awesome Lia.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Lia says:

            😃🤣😊💛 Awwwwwww heartwarming!!!! Ta Jared. Hugs, and many thanks. :)))))

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  2. Shanyu says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much!


      1. Shanyu says:

        My pleasure 😊

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  3. Susi Bocks says:

    Oh, Jared, this is profound. I felt taken on an intense emotional journey, one I could relate to deeply! The mistakes of the past burden us so, don’t they? BTW, the music is lovely and a perfect fit. Thank you!


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